Creating a cross-platform mobile application to understand multi-user sleep routines and support Philips’ research team to identify what is valuable information for the research participants.



The goal was to launch a pilot version app, so the Philips’ team could gather sleep data from the participants. The focus of the research was to discover which functionalities are needed to receive valuable information about their and their partner’s sleep patterns.


The close collaboration with the client enabled to continuously iterate upon the design directions if the features and therefore finding the best way to visualize the sleep data that support the conversations.


We provided Philips with a cross-platform mobile application for current and future experiments of the research unit and their academic partners. We leveraged the native mobile platforms for aggregation and display of sensor data and opened a direct feedback channel between the research team and participants.

My role in the project

As a supporting role within a large research project, it was as a designer in the project searching for the boundaries within the design. The client has a well-developed design system that makes it difficult to set up an exploration within these lines in order to achieve certain results. Fortunately, together with the client, I was able to make the right impact and contribute to the research.