One Operator provides the offshore operator a user-friendly interface with easily accessible data that will reduce the amount of HR required for offshore operations.



Help Ampelmann to reduce human resources and increase the overall efficiency in their processes through a new digital solution.


This project followed the scrum method, in which design and development adopt a lean process. The client was actively involved during conceptualization, execution and validation of the outcome.


A reliable web-app which provides all the required information for the operator to decide whether the Ampelmann system can be used or not. Because of our approach and solution, Ampelmann successfully managed to increase efficiency and thus reduce the team from 22 operators to just one by using our real time data visualization tool.

My role in the project

In this project I mainly focused on visualizing the provided wireframes of our ux-designer, all within the brand guidelines of the client. Together with the developer I was responsible for the implementation and deployment of the tool.

dashboard_ampelmann copy