Streamline, a digital platform that facilitates all transshipment-related container exchange between the depots, deep-sea, and short-sea terminals.

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Port of Rotterdam (PoR) is the largest port in Europe. Each year, millions of containers arrive that need to be distributed across multiple container terminals. With plans to release Container Exchange Route (CER) — an internal track that allows Shipping Lines to minimize the cost of exchanges — PoR, first, needed to develop the ability to facilitate transshipment of containers from within the port.


Together with the Port of Rotterdam, we converted the idea into a working prototype, in order to quickly validate with the end-users. Ultimately, we gained valuable insight and feedback from the end-users, throughout the testing period, which helped shape the overall development of the beta.


We created a digital marketplace, where users can upload their request for the container transshipment through a standardized format. The users have the opportunity to choose the transport company and finalize the deal. Next, the transport details are sent to the appropriate parties and they are notified of the transshipment status. The added advantage with Streamline is that all digital operations can now be performed from the platform, without the user having to rely on others.

My role in the project

In this project I mainly focused on vizualizing the data, working closely with our ux-designer. Together with the developer I was responsible for the implementation and deployment of the tool.

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From idea to production…

Potential users were involved in our process from the start of the project. Through research and usability tests we were able to gather many insights, which we used to improve and iterate on the platform until it was ready for production.

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Creating a component library

At the start of this project, only an offline company branding was defined. This was used as the fundament for creating a component library.

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